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Wired timming problems animations slow clock moves slow


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Hello i have the next system.

Alienware Aurora 7700 (clevo D900K)

Athlon X2 4400+ 2.20Ghz

2 gb ram ddr 400 (x2 1gb sodimms)

Geforce 6800 ultra 256 pcie

Via chipset

Sata 100gb drive and Sata 80gb drive

Alc 662 sound


I installed using the ideneb 10.5.6 disc.

Currently using Voodoo kernel 1.0

I have working networking acelerated quartz extreme and core graphics.


But i have a rare timming problem, the animations ej: the dock jumping icons move slow, the clock go slow also.

The windows moves fast but the system seems slowish also executing a ej: (ps ax) from the terminal command line get my a kernel crash.

I have tried using other AMD enabled kernels but i have the same problem also tried usin XXX 10.5.6 having the same results.


Plase help :blink:

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