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iPC Universal 10.5.6 PPF5 Still waiting on Root

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I have followed the instructions, I haven't installed a OSX in awhile since 10.4.3, but im using a ATI SB id of 438c ide controller. The installation goes completely smooth and VERY quick, like 6-7minutes. But when it comes to the first boot (even with -f). I get still waiting on root device. I checked the Via/SB chipset drive in the Customize installation, and I verified my ID is actually in the .plist file. It shows up not under ATI IXP, but under Serverworks ATA.


When booting the OS, I don't see any ATA loading except VIA 8237 SATA, now I also tried installing onto the SATA but I still receieved waiting on root device on the first boot after install.


Does anyone have any recommendations to get IDE (not sata) working.


I've read the messages on this forum in regards to ATI IXP SB being fixed and/or working. But nothing seems to ring a bell that its a fix or that works.


Im not chooseing any other advanced settings in the setup of the OS, except network which ix BC440x, my audio isn't listed which is a SoundMax ADI 1983 (x = 3, it isn't listed). And the video driver is the Naiti (ATI Express 1100M).


Any help would be appreicated thanks!


Im preety sure its the ATi SB, even the SATA controller in windows shows up as a ATI SATA controller, and the IDE shows up as ATI which some reasearch. I realize the SATA is harder to get working, so im ok with IDE.

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Update: for SATA if the drive is on the Secondary SATA controller, (sata 2 or sata 3) it doesn't boot for sata. If I put the drive on the Primary SATA controller, (sata 0 or sata 1) it boots.


I was able to get into os very quickly and flawlessly.


So that kinda helps with the SATA, but I still can't do IDE.

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