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Select destination empty on Dell E6400


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I'm trying to install OSX Leopard on a Dell Latitude E6400 in dual boot with Ubuntu.

I've been trying to install it with two releases of the 10.5.6 version: XxX with no patch and iPC with all pacthes up to 5.

The problem is the same for both releases: when I arrive on the Select destination screen, it is empty.


I can see the hard drive and the partitions when I launch the Disk Utilitary or when I do "df -k" in a terminal.


My hard drive is structured as follow when I scan it with gparted:

/dev/sda1: ext3: Ubuntu system.

/dev/sda3: ext3: Data storage.

/dev/sda4: HFS: created through erasing the partition in the disk utilitary.

/dev/sda5: ext3: Swap

Inside the disk utilitary the /dev/sda4 (HFS) partition is considered as a Linux partition despite the fact that it's considered as HFS by gparted. Maybe the problem comes from this HFS/Linux partition problem.


I also tried to just leave some empty space on the hard drive but the disk utilitary seems to be unable to create a new partition along other ones previously created.

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I found the solution:

The ext3 partition sda3 was an extended partition before the sda4 one where I wanted to install MacOS.

I moved sda3 to the end of the hard drive, deleted sda2.

Then I created a new sda2 volume abd I can install MacOS on it. :)

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