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Install hangs at IOAPC: VERSION 0X20


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I would like to install osx an an additional operating system on my pc.However whenever i try to boot the CD the dvd drive goes dead at the line in the title.



Running on dell xps 1330

2.4ghz intel core 2 duo

250gb sata hard drive

nvidia 128mb 8400 graphics

intel AGBN wireless (i know this won't work...im usually plugged into ethernet)

Bios revision A15


Things I have tried:

Cds:iatkos 4i,iatkos 5i,ideneb 1.4

flags:-x -v

bios options:

ahcpi to ata

intel speedstep/multicore/etc disabled

with and without usb mouse/ethernet cable



What happens:dvd drive goes dead after IOAPC: VERSION 0X20 line.dvd can be removed if needed.Does not respond after 30 mins or more.


Any ideas for help? I would apreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

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