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natit and ati x1300 mobility in hp nc6400

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Hi there,


i'm trying to get the ati X1300 Mobility graphics card to display 1440x900 resolution. I installed ideneb 10.5.5. After installation, i got a black screen once the initial apple logo disappeared. The only solution was to remove NatitX1300.kext from the extensions directory and to add my resolution into Boot.plist. But Resolution falls back to 1152 x 864 and QE disabled.

I also tried ATIinject (including my edid data) together and without natit. Im now somehow lost since i have too less background knowledge. Can anyone guide me through the necessary steps so that i get the card running?





my edid data read under linux:

ff00ffff ffff00ff a34c5042 00000000 0f000301 1e807813 870a94f5 4f57278c 50270054 00000101 01010101 01010101 01010101 0101290a e0a08451 300c8030 0063be2f 00101900 00000f00 00000000 00000000 e60002fa 01230000 fe005300 4d415553 474e200a 20202020 0000fe00 4c004e54 34315731 2d44304c 0a342f00


lspci string of the card:

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc M52 [Mobility Radeon X1300] [1002:714a]

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Same problem here, same laptop. Usin iDeneb 1.5.1 OSX 10.5.7, GMA950seems to work but the pci device listed as the video card is indeed the ATI x1300.. But the driver certainly doesnt work for it.. What do I do to get a decent widescreen resolution?

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If you are sure it is X1300 and NOT X3100, you can try these I got them a long while ago and can remember that they worked!





ps, unfortunately no help provided with it.......


Do not use those drivers on hp nc6400 laptop with x1300 video chip. They will make your screen solid black!!!!!!!!!


If anyone has a working solution for 1200x800 resolution, nothing more, please post it here.

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give this a try: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190586

In my opinion, it should resolve the resolution and mouse tearing problem for x1300.


Hi dong, thanks for the reply. I see that device ID 714a:1002 for my X1300 on hp nc6400 laptop, is not on the list of working cards. Does that mean that x1300 714a will not work. How do you get EDID dump?


- rade95

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