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Gateway drug?

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Could Apple be not doing anything about OSX86 to lure people into buying a Mac? I would assume most (if not all) of the people on this and other osx86 forums are potential Mac buyers, but they simply don't want to pay for one, possibly because the price is too high for them. With OSX86, they can at least get a taste of it, but Apple knows that it won't run very well and so predicts it will make them more likely to buy a Mac, so they can get the experience they tried firsthand but as it was meant to be. Discuss.

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I think this is a very real possibility, although I doubt that Apple would actively encourage the theft of their OS. I think that after they realized it was out, they might as well let people mess around with it instead of slapping them with lawsuits.


So I think it's more of a secondary - almost an afterthought - benfit for them.

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Of course Apple wouldn't encourage stealing it, but there's no way they can really do anything now. Plus our hax aren't going to work on the retail versions, so stopping us wouldn't accomplish anything against a mass release.

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Since the beginning of OSX Apple has been making versions that would run on Intel hardware (5 yrs +).

Just think about that for a few seconds............Long enough?


How long has sse, sse2, and sse3 been around????? hmmmm


What kind of drivers really exist? hmmmmm


Why did they bring out the mini???


It is about buying their hardware configuration.


The Developer version of OSX is a modified version that only loads the drivers etc that are in the dev box, why put in the other stuff when the idea is to help port existing programs to the new standard (being able to run in either version of the OS). Why let out the OS and all the drivers for all the versions of OSX that have been made when the idea is to get hardware into the hands of the paying public.


If the idea was to allow OSx86 into the world to convert PC owners to OSX users then they would have had everything they made up to now on the disk. If the idea was to make sure the "leaked" version was going to tease users to make them buy the OS, then they would have released a version that would run on the majority of hardware. i.e. not sse3 only, not sata, etc.


The fact that it is out of their hands and they knew it would happen, Apple protected themselves by not showing their complete hand.

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