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Mac Os X v.10.4.4 on SATA Hd


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Hi everyone!

Is it possible to install MacOS X on a SATA Hard Disk?

I have had no problem installing WinXP on this Drive (without the need of special drivers on floppy), but when I try to install MacOs X on this drive and I can't find the SATA drive (and the partition I've created in AF mode). I tried to go in the Drive Utility in the installation process but I could't find the SATA drive :)


I have a AMD64 3000+, 2Gb Ram on a Nforce 4 Ultra mobo (FoxConn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS).

The Drive is a Hitachi Deskstar 7K400 (400GB).



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WELL? did it work......


Ooops! I've forgotten!

I've installed MacOs X on a Pata Hd with Vmware in WinXP (very fast installation process in this way), then I've followed the instructions (point 3 and 4) on


to enable Sata controllers and Hd's...and it worked.

So I leaved MacOs on Pata drive, I didn't try to make an image and then move it on Sata.


Thanks by the way. :D

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