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Problems on Installing OS X on HP DV6314tx

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Hey Guys


I am entering into Mac World (after getting iPhone ;) )


I have a HP DV6314tx Laptop with Vista Ultimate 32Bit..





CPU-Z version 1.49



Processors Map



Number of processors 1

Number of threads 2


Processor 0

-- Core 0

-- Thread 0

-- Core 1

-- Thread 0



Processors Information



Processor 1 (ID = 0)

Number of cores 2 (max 2)

Number of threads 2 (max 2)

Name Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo

Codename Merom

Specification Intel® Core™2 CPU T5300 @ 1.73GHz

Package Socket 479 mPGA (platform ID = 5h)


Extended CPUID 6.F

Core Stepping L2

Technology 65 nm

Core Speed 798.3 MHz (6.0 x 133.0 MHz)

Rated Bus speed 532.2 MHz

Stock frequency 1733 MHz

Instructions sets MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EM64T

L1 Data cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size

L1 Instruction cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size

L2 cache 2048 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size

FID/VID Control yes

FID range 6.0x - 13.0x

max VID 1.288 V

Features XD



More Hardware Manuals : http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/manualC...t=3434531


Now .. I did do a couple of searches on the forum.. did find some dv6000 series users.. But I am a bit confused..


1) So I straight away download one of the images : iATKOS or Kalyway and burn to dual layer DVD and then boot via it and install??


2) How much partition should I give to mac ?? 20GB ??


3) Will it auto dual boot with Vista and not cause any problems


4) Will Network (for internet work ) work out of the box. I have a Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG Card.


5) Which one to use : iATKOS or Kalyway.. I have no idea..


6) Anything else I should know


Please help me here guys.. I also have a original Mac OSX 10.5.1 DVD Leopard if that is any helpful..


Thanks a lot.. :)

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i got a hp dv5t so it can work. first off search around because all your questions could be answered in the forum.

1. dont need dual layer and burn at slowest speeds. doesnt gurantee the cd will boot but should.

2. partition should prob be at least 15gb i use 40

3. it should auto dual boot

4. ur wireless is doomed. will probably never work with that card so buy a new broadcom/atheros card

5. i would go with iatkos5i or even better xxx10.5.6

6. dont make noobish posts like this. this could have been answered by google.

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Thanks I have got the XXX version .. going to burn it..


1) which is the most common and best wireless card to get?? for laptop probably will need a USB one...


2) so any idea with the hardware I have got what will work and what wont??


3) Will Mac OS update as normal?


4) Will it be sluggish on my CPU and 2GB RAM and nvidia 7400 card?

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I personally like iDeneb 10.5.5 atm, your best bet is to get a broadcom wifi card of the net, wouldn't recommend ebay due to the paypal scam they seem to be pulling, but thats another story. I've got the dv6226us, replaced the wifi card, only have audio out with the drivers, but I haven't really researched if getting the output and built in mic working. the SDcard reader isn't working either, everything else works fully with vanallia drivers. If your going to dualboot, I would highly recommend dumping vista and installing Windows 7 Beta if you must have windows. Yeah its beta, but every version of window seems to be a beta thats never fixed and windows 7 seems to work faster and more stable that vista. I've found just about every app I could ever need for OSX, even the only real game I play World of Warcraft runs on it amazing. If you have any more questions feel free to pm me again, just please be more specific in what you want to know.

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Which Broadcom card would u recommend?? i have access to Linksys / TP-Link / Netgear easily so any from there??




I get iDeneb , burn it and then boot via it.. and should be OK ??


How about updating the OS X automatically?? is it possible or have to use a manual patch or something??



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Hey Guys




I downloaded XXX ISO 10.5.6 and installed on another Partition in VISTA now.. Everything was default setup




1) I dont have vista as dual boot option.. currently in MAC.. how to I get back to VISTA and create dual boot?? <-- DONE.. just repaired vista and got easyBCD..


2) The graphics is very bad.. no refresh at all.. I have a Nvidia Geforce Go 7400 in my Laptop.. How to get the driver and how to install .. please help as I am a n00b..


3) Is Conneaxnt sound card got drivers for mac?? no sound out of my mac.. cannot detect any sound card

Thanks .. awaiting for a quick reply.. still on MAC.. :) loving it at moment.. getting to post this without gfx refresh is itself VERY VERY TOUGH.. please help asap!!!

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Hope this might help you out..

In 10.5.6 both my wireless Broadcom and my Intel network card works without adding any kexts.

I don't know if you added any extra kexts for your hardware in your installation, if your built in

trackpad/keyboard works and so on so i just sent the most important files.


The 6 files in the attachment here are these.


Azalia audio - for Conexant HD audio

ACPI battery - for battery powermanagement (if you need it)

IOATA family - for motherboard chipset (if you need it)

NVdarwin 128mb - for hardware graphics

Disabler - to disable apples powermanagement (if you need it) i use it with xnu speedstep)

SMBIOSEfi - to show correct info in System profiler. (my system wont show correct info without it)


These are the only ones i need to add to my 10.5.6 (retail with Boot132) to get it running perfect:)


Install with Kext Helper or OsX86 Tools

Good luck..




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