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[Guide] Toshiba NB100 Leopard 10.5.4

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Original thread ( http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=150336 )


( Translated by Google Translate :D:P )




At last I managed to install perfectly on this micro notebook leopard! Here is the guide to install it step by step ...


Technical data:


Processor: Intel Atom N270, 1.6 GHz, 512KB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB

Memory: 512 MB DDR2 667MHz

Screen: 8.9-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600) Toshiba TruBrite

Video card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950

Hard Disk: 80 GB SATA 5400 rpm

Optical Drive: DVD DL Acquistabile outside

Ports: 1 x DC-in, 1 x VGA, 1 x RJ-45, 3 x USB 2.0 Sleep'n Charge, 1 x headphone output, 1 x Microphone entry, Card Reader 3in1 Bridge Media Slot (SD & SDHC Cards, MemoryStick , MultiMediaCard), Kensington Lock

Networking: LAN 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, WiFi 802.11b / g

Operating System: Linux Ubuntu

Battery: Li-Ion 4 cells

Dimensions: 225 x 190.5 mm x 29.5/33

Weight: about 1 kg

Warranty: 1 year

Others: 0.3 Megapixels Webcam




Toshiba NB100 Netbook (I-11R version bundled with ubuntu)

USB external DVD player

Iso MSIWindowsx86 (found in the usual places ....)

Time and patience





For the model-11R is strongly to bring the ram from 512MB to 1GB for better performance

If you want wireless networking working you have to change it with a compatible, as AR5007EG for the moment does not work (I used a AR5006EG and is recognized by default leopard as AirPort) Guide to disassemble the laptop here


What works:



-Wifi (if you put a tab compatible)


-Audio from the speakers of the Netbook



What does not work:


-Audio Output


-Wifi (if you leave the AR5007EG)

Card reader (I have not yet tried)




- Burn the iso on a DVD at a low speed (2.0x) to avoid errors of the type SAM Multimedia, etc. ...


- Connect the DVD player via usb (for the usb port I took one on the left, the other on the right I have had problems)


- Insert the DVD into the player and turn the laptop


- Just the word appears Toshiba press F2


- Go to the Advanced section and the last line, the one that concerns the hard disk, click and select COMPATIBILITY


- Save the configuration and exit the BIOS


- As soon as the logo reappear Toshiba press F12


- A schedule for the boot


- Select CD / DVD


- Then load Darwin ... just wait and appears press F8


- Write-v (the "-" is placed on that " ? ' ") And press ENTER


- Wait and expect loads more ... (This may take several minutes)


- After this time you will end up with the Mac installer ..


- Select the language .. go ahead ... .. accepted Regulation


- Now you end up with the choice to install on the hd


- Click on Utilities, and then Disk Utility


- At the screen, click on the partition dell'hd (disks3 etc. ..) initializes press ... choose an option Mac OS Extended (journaled) .. the name given to the partition and press initializes


- Once the format and get back close to previous screen


- Click on leopard (on behalf of the partition above) and go forward


- Go ahead and control dell'hd ignored ..


- Now start the installation ... expect a lot (normally there should be about 50 minutes to install)


- At the end of installation reboot (if he does he nn ..)


- Remove the dvd player, and from the Darwin screeb press ENTER


- If all goes well you will find the welcome screen with a sound background ..


- Set up more ... and suddenly you have successfully installed Leopard 10.5.4 on your toshiba



Here's the photo:





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any idea about the wifi? i tried the usb dlink gwl-g132 and nothing happen. i dont want to open my mini to put some network card insdie.. i hope you can help me. thanks

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i would really like some help with my little machine its a toshiba nb 100 a12 like yours but came with xp and 1 gb of ram i can get mac osx installed but when logging in i think i have the wrong kext file because the screen goes white/gray


this is installing SL mac's osx 10.6 on it. i dont get wifi but i get the network card and sound but thats about it so the initial* install works fine any more help would be grand thank you for letting me know that you got your copy going as basicly our two laptops are the same anyway ... just the software i think is different ..


PS im new to installing mac os on a windows machine .


-right extra note i have installed mac osx 10.6.2 onto my toshiba nb100 a12 BUT






built in track pad




built in keyboard


front headphone jack


not working


mic (the front mic jack)


screen - needs the intell mobile 945GM/GMS/GMe, 943/940GML Express internal Graphics card drivers for mac ..




card reader untested


network card needs rtl8169 again i dont know were to get it - the driver


what i need is the driver for my screen and wireless i think i need to download the driver {AR242X PCI Express Adapter} for wireless i dont know were to find that or my screen driver .. and i dont know how to install them unless there in a .pkg file


i might make an english guide as to how to get it to work with out modifying anything if i can get all this to work ...


thank you for anyones help in advance.

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