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New mac starts using shared memory nvidia chip 9400M

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I found that I can use vanilla kernel and built in LAN after 10.5.6 update, which I never even think about, because I am running at a Celeron E1200/nvidia MCP73 machine.


I also found that Apple started to adapt nvidia integrated chip 9400M(using shared memory on board) on its new Mac.


So, Apple is modifying OS X to make nvidia chip compatible. :)


Before, we said 6150 is impossible because it's using shared memory architect so we have nothing to do with this. Now why not imagine if we were able to copy some technique how exactly 9400M is working with shared memory, we would able to boost 6150/7150 chip.


Any idea?

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I felt that the new kext made by apple to run 9400 with integrated memory can somehow be used to create/hack for use by 7000M, 6150 and 7150 GPU. There are actually other kext in line with the MCP architecture. The SMU, Nvenet and upstreamuserclient are few kext which is added on for nvidia integrated chipset. I have a 7000M IGPU and when i tried the 10.5.6 kexts, the IOregexp showed that there upstreamuseclient kext is loaded and part of the downline under LCD and CRT. NVenet loads well and functioning. SMU is not loaded. Am trying to find out anyone knows how. Probably the NVresman.kext and NVDAHAL needs the proper IGPU architecture tables.

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