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eeeMAC Optimisation

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Bonjour à vous tous,


Le second tutorial sur eeeMAC


Les Optimisations


1-SpeedStep (optimiser la fréquence du processeur)

2-Ecrire sur la partition NTFS depuis Leopard

3-Connexion du Wifi après le démarrage et la mise en veille automatiquement

4-Gestion de la batterie

5-Régler la luminosité avec des touches de fonctions

6-Time Machine pour remonter le temps

7-Moniteur externe en mode Miroir

8-Installer les applications sans CarbonLib error

9-Multimedia et bandes annonces en HD sur eeeMac

10-Configurer les touches de fonctions avec Spark

11- Retrouver le TrackPad et clavier perdus après Update 10.5.6


sur le site http://xsolutions.free.fr

Lien direct : http://xsolutions.free.fr/home/eeepc/esolu...isationeee.html

Lien pour en discuter sur le forum : http://xsolutions.free.fr/home/forum_x-solutions.html



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    • Sorry! I forgot, if you use SSDT V3 you have to remove the _DSM method from DSB1
    • Many thanks! Yeah I'll try again! Hopefully you can think of something later  
    • I check when I get home. I can tell you in advance that you have to use the SSDT V3 (with your ACPI path) if you have disconnected the cable, and your devices must be connected and turned on before boot. It's all still a work in progress
    • I expected it to not work, especially after so many attempts at different methods. This one sounded the least likely to work, and as soon as I booted, my Apollo turned on its HOST light and it's been working since!   I added my clover arbitrary device as 32:00.00 (my BR1A) and that's it. I only pulled the cable from the Mobo but not the card... not sure if that matters.
    • As the prices for Radeon cards have been dropping during the last weeks I finally decided to buy a Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX570 8GB and received the card this afternoon. With 10.13.4 Apple added a number of new framebuffer personalities to the AMD9500Controller.kext and as the framebuffer personality "Orinoco" matches the connector layout of my card (DP, DP, HDMI, HDMI, DVI) I decided to give it a try and got an instantly working system. No framebuffer patch is needed anymore. See for yourself:     Mieze