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Ableton Live 5.2 for Mac Intel now available

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any news with Ableton 6 mac yet??? i'm in the process of moving all my stuff to mac. Live is the only reason why i still have windows in my machine...hehehe...yeah, theres 5 but my projects are already made out of 6 win version. i'm hoping for a sign ( torrents )...




i tried using the win ver cfg and it took the serial but now im given a challenge code for the full activation...please help...



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from Demon:



Details for Ableton Live 6.0.7 mac intel onlyp.gifCreated 13 hours ago

no guarantees that it will work after several months, you know this problem.. Peers: 65 seeders, 4 leechers, 69 total Size: 66.56 MB



for those who have membership, please seed...ty

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