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Succesfully Installed 10.4.4 DVD PAtched_Myz.iso!

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Well after trying many other iso files and burning about 3 useless DVD's 2day finally i have Natively installed OsX 10.4.4 with the Dvd burned from the Myz iso file.. (Did the partitioning with DISKPART from within XP)

The installation takes a while... There were to many error massages and i was scared that it wouldn't load but after waiting for about 20 mins got the blue installation screen and then everything went on slow but without problems. This patch updates to 10.4.5 automatically.. After installation booted without a problem. Everything works just fine. Except Safari keeps on shutting down so i installed Mozilla firefox. I can't figure out why but Mozilla works a bit slow. All the other apps work fast and fine. Usb, Ethernet, Audio works also without a problem

I have a Sapphire Ati Radeon 9200 256 MB AGP graphics accelarator and also an onboard VGA chip. Tried both no difference both working at 1280x1024x32@85 but i might switch back to 1024x768 which gives a much better performance. (No 3D graphics and of course no DVD player running) :thumbsdown_anim: Gonna stick with ATI. I hope somebody writes a patch for this problem. would it be better to buy a new DVI ATI graphics card??


So my configuration

Ice Cube

IC-VG61 Socket 478B Motherboard

P4 2.66 Ghz (by the way OsX sees it as 3.00Ghz i don't know why)

Intel 82845GE + ICH4 chipset

512 MB Ram (definitely gonna buy some more since rosetta relies to much on RAM)

Realtek RTL8100B Ethernet Controller

Integrated USB2.0 controller in ICH4

Realtek Audio AC97 2.2 (works just fine both playback and recording)

Agere FW323-05 Firewire controller (Got no FW device, haven't tried yet)

2 ATA 100 Ide Channels

On IDE1 / 120 GB Maxtor ATA 100 PArtition1(60 GB) Windows XP Pro / Partition2(60 GB) NTFS

On IDE2 / Secondary Master NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A / Secondary Slave MAxtor 80 GB ATA 100 Partition 1 (73 GB) FAT 32 / PArtition 2 (7GB) Mac OSX 10.4.5

PS/2 Keybord and Mouse

Windows bootloader works just fine withoout any problems


Cheers I hope this info is helpful

Check the attached Photopost-31141-1143989221_thumb.png

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Hey thanks i'll give camino a try.. The upgrade to 10.4.5 is done by checking the "Install We stole it Sucker?" option from within the installation menu...post-31141-1143990651_thumb.jpg


You can search the torrent in Demonoid search for Mac Osx 10.4.4 DVD PAtched_Myz.iso


Quicktime does not play avi files nor the divx files even though i downloaded divx codecs i get this error trying to play the file

"QuickTime cannot open the file: "Budweiser_Stadium.divx"

it is not a file that QuickTime understands (-2048)"


Anybody knows a solution.

Can we install i life to our pc's??

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