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Audio Out (Edirol UA-25) just stops working...

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Hi @all,


I am really in despair - without any reason (at least not one I can see) the system audio output just stops working regularly (that's five to ten times a day). Not even restarting the finder helps, only turning the whole machine off and on again does (I'm on a MB 2CD, 10.4.9). Because I have to (and want to) listen to a lot of stuff this is really annoying. When I installed the UA-25 driver I had to to it a couple of times over (always removing the old one of course) before it worked and now the thingy (or OS X?) is giving me the 'silent treatment'...I need your help, guys.


Thanks a bunch!





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I was using that interface for a while without too many problems to be honest, if I remember my reason for replacing was the high freq noise from the actual unit and the noise after about 1 o clock on gains... Anyway, I digress. I recently wanted to try the unit again and found the a similar problem, output just not being recognised or cutting out. Restarting seemed to work on occasions. I put it back on the shelf but my only suggestion would be to possibly try older drivers, or make the shift to 10.5. The best solution would be to replace it but that's a personal dislike I took to the unit talking really.


Not sure if this is really much help but good luck.

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