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Use mobile as webcam on mac

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Movino a very nice and user friendly application for Mac. Using this application you can use your mobile phone camera as a webcam. The best part is, it can be connected via bluetooth and you can take it anywhere you want.

For installation files just go to this link Movino Tested on Nokia E71.


1.Download a broadcasting application for your phone. Then install it on your phone.

* For example for Nokia S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 download movino_s60_v3.sisx

2.Also download the GUI application and a QuickTime component for Mac OS X movino-osx-1.01.dmg.

* To install the main application, just drag it to your application folder.

* To install the QuickTime component(MovinoQT.component), drag it into the Library/QuickTime

directory, either the system-wide directory or the user-specific directory.

* Installation is complete.

3. Now Switch on bluetooth on your Mac/Mobile.

4. Run the movino application on your Mac.

5. Run the movino on your mobile phone and click options go to connect and choose bluetooth select your Mac

and thats it you're done

Enjoy free webcam :P:D :D :D :D

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now i dont need to use my video Camera anymore


did you test if it works with backgrounds on photobooth?

yes it works like isight on real mac and the best part is its wireless :)

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do you also get crappy quality in photobooth? what's the max res your outputing from your phone? I can't get more than 320x240 and I think that's why my photobooth pics are some jaggy...

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Not working on sony ericsson k700 and w350

Says bluetooth deice not found. If anyone has ideas on fixing this, thanks..


Anybody know any other programs that do this out there?

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Can someone help me?


I installed the software in OS X and my nokia 6210, I can connect, so if I open the "Status" windows on the movino I see that it is connected and transfering data, but the "preview" window is in black.


Also in photo booth don't work, it say "no camera connected"


Thanks in advance

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