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Can't 'mount' anymore...


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I installed Darwin 8.0.1 on VMWare, and then i upgraded to Darwin 8.1 using the 8.0.1->8.1 patch that is going around.


It built and installed ok, but now i can no-longer mount ISOs.


(i created /Volumes/cdrom as a mount point)


if i do the command...


'mount /dev/disk1s0 /Volumes/cdrom' i get an the following 'Permission denied' message


/dev/disk1s0 on /Volumes/cdrom: Permission denied


the same happens if i try 'mount -t cd9660...' for a standard iso, or 'mount -t hfs...' for a one i created with an hfs file system


i have tried using a different mount point, but to no avail, i still get the same message


can anyone offer any suggestions?

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