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USB Bluetooth adapter

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Just to let everyone know, i got this from newegg...




with no issues what so ever plugged in, followed on-scrren instruction when wireless apple pro keyboard was turned on, and away you go, picks up right off the bat just fater boot up. Only thing you can't do it go into BIOS, due to lack of "delete" key, and choose what OS at Chameleon, but always to be expected. For the price i can go soo far around the house, within reason, nothing ridiculous, about 20-30 ft (so far), and everything works fine. Great price, and damn, soo small. Literally a small little things sticking out, about maybe a pinky nail sticking out, maybe 1/4 inch. Bright blue light if in complete darkness, but mine is on an x-blaster case, on the back, and notice nothing. GREAT price for the quality and longevity, about 3 months so far. Just an FYI.



I got a Dell blue Tooth a while back about $40 on sale with free shipping keyboard and mouse with USB receiver/trans. Works fine its a re branded Logitech. Most wireless infra red keyboards only advertised 15ft range if your lucky. I think this was supposed to be 30ft , which would make 15ft pretty reliable. It's nice has a on/off switch on both peripherals to save battery and the wheel / volume control works to.

I got in the Apple spirit and threw money at it. I didn't care.


I bought the small bluetooth adapter at Best Buy and Apple's wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Both work great, except that bluetooth doesn't start automatically on startup. I'll have to look into that.

Caps18, are you talking about the one I bought? Mine works on startup every single time, granted not at chameleon to choose partition obviously, but right after that it works. Even after you choose osx partition, and it boots to the grey screen, it works there, so you can hold down shift to disable extensions or what ever else key-combo you choose at the grey screen.

I got some Problems with my Micro BT Adapter! Mouse is slow, after pluggin in its fast as hell. But after a while (1min and more) it starts to slow down, and doesnt work smooth anymore. Are there any tipps for using BT? Maybe some settings or so?


Using nearly the same product as in the first post and a wireless mighty mouse!

Sorry, I did not post my mouse. It is a Logitech Revolution MX. That paired with a new Apple Pro bluetooth keyboard, and the posted bluetooth adapter in the first post from newegg. Plug n' play is all i did. Mainly i sit right next to my tower, which is on the floor, next to the desk. The tower is an Ultra X-Blaster, plugged into the back, not the front usb port. I'm running Jas 10.5.4 Client/Server. Any other questions feel free to ask.

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