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iDeneb v1.3 on vmware server 2

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Just got started with installation of iDeneb 10.5.5 on vmware server 2 and have some problems.

I've created virtual machine as FreeBSD 32 bit (also Solaris 10 later) and after resolving >>>system config file '/com.apple.boot.slist' not found<<< issue have iDeneb spalsh screen, if I can call it like that, stays forever. I seems like it works something, if I can judge by the little rainbow. After 20 mins I got error from VMware remote console:

Something like MEM_ALLOC ..@unicodeSimpleBase.c:783...log available in ....

Other virtual machines (Win XP...)works just fine. Did I configure virtual machine badly on creation? Please help.

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...when I got this error, it is just that VMware remote console throws some exception not VMware Server. I am still able to run VMware remote console again, from the same point of course. And guess what still iDeneb splash screen "working" somthing... : (.

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Have you got any resolution to this? I am trying to install iDeneb v1.3 on VMWare Workstation 6.5. I have tried different virtual server setting including Solaris and FreeBSD and am not able to get past the /com.apple.boot.slist not found error. Can you post details on how you resolved that one.





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Guys it's the keyboard, just click in the Vmware's window and hit "enter" before this message appear.

Requires to recognize keyboard in the initial part of booting into OS X, the same problem occurs with Kalyway's /com.apple.boot.slist message !!


So simple but sometims tricky to guess.

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Sorry to bump a necro thread on my first post, but since this was one of the first results in a google search, I thought it was a forgivable sin.


So to be specific, I found an answer to the missing /com.apple.boot.slist issue when installing ideneb for the first time.


Credit goes to :




After you start the VM, capture your inputs to the VM and press F8 to access startup options when you are prompted to press any key to boot from cd.


Add this to the command line :


busratio=20 -v


If that alone does not work, try this as well :


busratio=20 cpus=1 -v


busratio sets the FSB , cpus sets the cpu to 1 (obviously) and -v sets diagnostic messages.


I've managed to successfully boot without setting the cpus flag, with 1 processor and 2 cores set up in the VM as per my setup. I've included the full command in case others had issue with only using the busratio command.


My system for reference sake is a P4 3.0ghz Dual Core 930, 3gb of ram and a 60gb SSD. It's a Dell Dimension 9100 with a i945 chipset.

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