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iDeneb 1.3 - USB Problem


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Hi all,


First i would like to say that i'm not good in english.

I prefer talk in original language of forum, so please don't say "Go to french zone".

I hope to be clear with my questions.


So, first of all i downloaded iDeneb 1.3. It seems to be a very good version.

I have my infos in signature, if you need more info, just ask. I don't know what to add.


So i boot with iDeneb DVD and EVERYTHING is all right.

The installation goes perfectly, and at the end i have my OSX working on my PC.


Now i have two little problems, but one is more important, so i started a topic for it.

And the second little problem i can't explain it in just a few words.


So, my problem :


USB works perfectly, but it disconnects radomly, after some minutes, so my mouse and my keyboard doesn't work. When it happens i just plug it back and it works .... for some minutes again. :D


I don't know if USBFix can fix this, because i think it's for people who just don't have USB compatibility.

So if you can help i would be very ... how to say ... happy with you ( sorry for my stupid english ) :D




My second little problem is that everything is very fluid, but the dock isn't very fluid. It goes a little bit less fast than the rest. But it's not very important, USB Problem is more important, because in a post like this i had to replug 4 times my usb keyboard.


Thanks to all community, and beautiful forum :D

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1 - You may have to try some of the two usbfix available in this forum. One is in this same section and the other one you will have to find it in news release section of the forum


2 - Check you video profile in "about mac" and see if QE/CI is working and activated.

If no, that could be a video problem you should try to install it again thanks to GFX String or a custom Ati driver (take a look on this forum you will find your goal)

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