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ATI / NVIDIA OnBoard (P) ATA Driver

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Hey! looking for almost same kexts but for the Sata , ATi SB450

really cool if any knows a working kexts for this ^^,

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Here is the solution my friend.


SB450 .... related SATA Drive problem. most easiest solution.


have the .kext file

http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=33801 . posted by me in other forum.


Solution is as easy as a PIE.


Get kexthelper from google -> a freeware utilty.


1. download the AppleOnBoardPCATA.kext ( within ZIP file )


2. Run 'kexthelper' drag AppleOnBoardPCATA.kext file ... provide your root password. n click Easy Install ...


3. All Done : Reboot : Plug in Your SATA cables. n enjoy. !!


Working on my two machines.


Hope that cud help out friends.


that works SB450 ATI chipsets.


This can improve the performance of your MAC upto 4 times.

on mine machine ... it is .......

the smooth n the best experience. boots in 45 seconds from BIOS. everything.


hope this 'll help

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Do I have to remove AppleGenericATA and AppleOnBoardATA from IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/, since I'm using Kalyway and it's workin well, except for IDE. My IDE/PATA drive isn't funtioning but it's recognized, SATA works fine.

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Hi i'm using AMD 64 Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+

supports SSE,SSE2,SSE3,x86-64

chipset = ATI Xpress 200 (RS480) Rev.10

Southbeidge = ATI SB400


i have windows in C: <--(SATA) and D: <--(FAT32) recovery for Windows XP (which i'm using XP)

using Dual display

and i just bought Western Digital 320GB SATA drive with partitioned NTFS (total = 320GB)

i went through the main screen of installation.

and at the beginning where u erase your HDD to format for MAC OS X

i don't see No Hard Disk Drive except the DVD drive that Mac OS X in it.

from windows XP i see all the HDD. just from "DISK UTILITY" screen at the beginning of the installation OS X, i don't see NO HDD.

PLease HELP !!!!!!! i really need help !!!! H !!!!!! E !!!!!!!!!!! L !!!!!!!!!!! P !!!!!


I used iATKOS_1.0i and Leopard 10.5.1 all AMD patched.

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hi i have a problem with a nforce controller in my laptop.

notebook acer 7520g chipset mpc 67 ,i can install leopard on a usb drive but not in my internal disk!

When trying it internal after installing os i've "still waiting for root device" error .

The strange thing is that i can boot on internal only when i've two hardisks installed!!! and no " still waiting for root device" error.

someone has any idea about it?

tnx and sorry for my english

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