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iATKOS v4i + Compaq C500 + BroadCom4311 working


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Easy install Leopard in this Compaq C500 laptop with iATKOS v4i.

All working except wireless card BroadCom4311.


But BIG BIG thanks to Chun-Nan, his script make it very easy to fix and working as I type in here with new leopard.

I tried lots of way from her eand there found from internet and only this way is working.


I download and install OSXTool.

attached is my lspci file,IODeviceTree and IOPCIFamily files.

in lspci file system found my broadcom4311 card, but it's not appear in PCI cards from System profiler.

in IODeviceTree, there is pci14e4 4311 card in details, but not in IOPCIfamily file.


I download two kext files made by Chun-Nan install both from OSXTool and my wireless card is working.


Maybe you just need install IOPCIFamily.kext,because IO80211Family maybe already there.


only the problem is in System profiler

under PCI cards said "This computer does not appear to have any PCI cards installed."

and under AirPort card information said "Third Party Wireless Card"





but doesnt matter, my wireless card is working.

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