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What 8800s on Hack?

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I see several companies make 8800GTs. I just ordered one made by NVIDIA and wonder if it will be compabitle.


The way graphics cards work with Nvidia or ATI for that matter is they put out what is called a reference PCB board design the manufacturers license the design then produce the boards they sell. Many add a few tweaks to the specifications like more memory, increased memory speed, better cooler.. or in the worst case they use substandard components that cause the cards to fail but they are basically all the same. This is why you can use a pretty much universal driver for them as they usually all among the same chip/chip family share the same device/manufacturer id there is no EVGA 8800gt device the system sees as has been mentioned it sees a Nvidia manufacturer (0x10de) 8800gt device id (0x0611) on any OS be it Windows, OS X or Linux.

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