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Asus Maximus Formula Leopard Retail 10.5.5


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Hello all,


My SystemSpecs are:


Asus Maximus Formula Mobo_

4Gb Ram (OCZ)

1x500 SATA Seagate running OSX Kalyway (10.5.5) called "osx"

1x250 SATA Seagate running WindozeXP called "win"

1x250 SATA Seagate the drive i want to run Leopard Retail with called "osx_II"

Intel Core II Duo E8400

Geforce 8800GTS 512MB PCI-E


I have trouble when i try to boot the retail Leopard installation, after i´ve patched to 10.5.5

i´ve replaced the following kext files (using the post-patch.sh) with the ones from my update 10.5.5 Kalyway installation: (thought that was a good idea)










Anyway, when i try to boot up the retail installation i always get this error




As i can guess from the error message there is some trouble with acpi, any bios setting i missed ?

I have activated both acpi settings in bios (acpi and 2.0 support)


Any help would be great, im messin with this prob since days, so i would be really happy if anyone could help me solving it.

By the way, all you guys did a great work!


thx, kgen

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I also tried Mysticus C´s post update patch from BikeTown,nothing different..

I also changed the Suspend setting in Bios to "S3 only" and still got a kernel panic, but with no error msg at all...


Any ideas ?


I know im a bit late but I have 10.5.5 on my maximus formula. You have to do update -v and than reboot -x reboot.

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