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Lenovo T61 (7658CTO) with OSX 10.5.2

Alex Wasserman

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So, I've been surfing here for a couple of days as I get my laptop installed, and it's been a great help, so I thought I'd add a little back and create an up-to-date list of what has worked for me...


Hardware: Lenovo T61, 7658CTO


Wireless - Nothing ye

Audio - Works on boot, stops after loading System Prefs. (Currently working on this, using TURBO's driver.)

Ethernet - Works with Intel driver.

Graphics - With Leopard Graphics Update all is peachy (including iWork '08, which didn't work before). VGA out works

Firewire - OOB

USB - Sometimes (I've had issues reading UDB stick, but, generally seems to work)

Bluetooth - Works OOB


I installed using Kalyway 10.5.2, it just booted, installed, no issues at all. I had to format the whole drive, but that was the single limitation I've hit so far.


Ask any questions, I'll try to help, but my knowledge is pretty limited.

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