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Edimax EW-7128 (RaLink RT2561) Not Detected Under iATKOS 4.1i

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In my Vista machine, I have an Edimax EW-7128 with the RaLink RT2561 chipset because it is the only card I have found so far that works under both 64-bit Windows and Linux out of the box. Since I like this card so much, I decided to get another one when I built the Mac. I downloaded the drivers from RaLink's Taiwan site and they installed just fine. When I go into the RaLink utility, though, it says "No device detected". Nothing is showing up in networks either and when I go to Apple>About this Computer>More Info>PCI it says that no cards are installed. Is there any way to make this thing work?


Btw, I tried both cards with the same result in each PCI slot.


[edit]Could a mod please move this to the Wireless forum? I thought that was where I was but I guess I was not.[/edit]

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