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laptopdisplay don't work


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sorry for my bad english..


i have a problem with my laptop. i installed ideneb v4i and my internal display is black.

it works with a external monitor (vga, hdmi). i testet nvinject and nvkush..

i read a long time in the net bur i did't found anything to solve my problem.

i didn't found nvcap to edit them.


i hope someone can help me.

i have a samsung r700 t9300 dillen

nvidia 8600 m gt 256





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i installed macosx very often.(min 20x) i can select nvinject , nvinjectgo, nvkush.

which driver do you use?


i think i have the correct driver. i think that osx detect the display as unknown..?


do you use a laptop, too?

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