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Some questions before installing..


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just to get some things clear..


First off, I'm not in this to get me a "cheap mac" I'm just inpatient and lazy :P

I've got me a macbook pro (a little over 6 months old) and I've saved up money for a mac pro (waiting for it's revision)

The thing is I don't want all the hassle of connecting my MBP all the time + it doesn't have too much diskspace for downloading movies and stuff

And I'm getting tired of waiting for the new mac pro, I was hoping that it got renewed at October 14th but it wasn't.. :D

Oh yeah and I'm currently running Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 and 6.04) so I'm not too scared of the shell either :D


Second, a summary:

  • Intel Core2Duo E6750
  • Asus P5KC mainboard.. (Intel P35 & ICH9)
  • Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic (and the onboard thingy too)
  • EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS (320 MB)

Sooo.. I've seen the CPU is supported.. recommended even so we're good there

Vid card is supported too with some driver thingy that can be found around here somewhere.. good there too

Couldn't find the sound card in the HCL so I'm guessing it's a no go there..


Mainboard was confusing me though.. probably because of outdated (or at least conflicting) info in the wiki

conclusions say: "EFI & Vanilla Kernel" which I've searched around and that's good..


My problem is in this "No. LAN doesn't work"

I've searched around and couldn't find my exact LAN chipset.. so I've checked the "ancient hardware box" and found some old LAN card but those aren't supported either

searched a bit further.. and I've found in your HCL that other Asus P5K boards with the same chipsets do have LAN working with a patch


so here's the first question.. would that patch work for me too?

I'm pretty sure it would yet still.. easier to know for sure :)



Alright onto the stuff that's puzzling me a bit more.. and probably matters more too

I'd like to go as "pure mac" as I can.. just because I know mac osx works awesome and the less patches I use the better, and it'd probably enable me to install updates too

I've read a few things about this but it's not really clear for me..


I've downloaded this iAkTOS v4i or something because I thought that was the only way..

Now I've seen my mainboard and CPU would support the vanilla kernel, which is the unmodified kernel right?

Also I've seen something about just patching the retail OSX 10.5 DVD to be used


Now I can't decide what's best to do :D

Use the retail DVD and patch that, or just use the iAkTOS v4i and select the vanilla kernel?


Oh yeah and can I (and how) get EFI on my mainboard?

and more importantly would this even matter?


Well that should pretty much sum it up.. if I got any more questions I'll just post it in this thread :)

thanks in advance :)

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Search the forum for your hardware and you'll find out pretty fast what works and what doesn't. No one can give you exact answer so the best way

to see if you can get it to work is to try. If you want "vanilla" install, you have to use 123 method. That's closest you'll get to "pure" os x. The other is

iATKOS, Kaly, JaS distros which are hacked and support pretty big chunk of hardware. I recommend you to start with iAtkos (because I found it to work best for me),

and if you get everything to work, try with 123 and retail os x.

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