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OSX86 with VISTA, Dual-Boot & Parallels... HELP!


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Hey people,


I've finally had enough of Windows, and I'm switching. I'd like OSX86 as my main OS. I'd also like Vista, using Parallels, so I can run Windows appz I still need in OSX. Here's the problem: I also play games every now and then, having something of a high spec PC. I'd therefore need Vista as Vista, not a virtualisation. I know that with OSX and boot camp, I can run Vista on a Mac seperately, and use it in parallels 3 as well, but can this be done in any way on a hackintosh?


The system is intel, Q6600 2.4Ghz quad core, 3GB RAM (may upgrade to 8?), and an Nvidia 8800GT. OSX86 runs perfectly with a vanilla kernel.


Thanks in advance!

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