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Is there no hope for HD 3450?

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:P In the past 2 weeks, I was fighting against my new desktop Dell 530S, I tried to install Leopard on it. I used Kaly10.5.2 and it runs on my Dell now, but got some problems. One of them is my graphics PCI card, ATi HD 3450. I've heard nobody wants to write a driver for it. I am not a IT guy, so it's hard for me to understand why the card is so special. Maybe it sucks, so nobody wants to put hands on it? :D Anyway, I still keep my hope in the near future someone can make a working driver for it. I will keep my fingers crossed.


My other problems are:

1. no networks

I am using TP-LINK TL-WN322G+ usb adapter, I read lots of posts and finally knew how to install ZyDAS driver for the adapter (cause it uses ZyDAS chips), someone got the same adapter with me, it could work perfectly with the driver on his machine. After installed ZyDAS driver, my Hackintosh could know my adapter and in the netinfo I could see MAC address and IP address, but no matter how I tried, it just couldn't go on line, no any data transferred. :( I am frustrated about that.


2. it can't sleep, restart, shutdown

I cost big time trying to fix this but no hope, and even tried many kext files people provided and they said it fixes sleep problem...etc. but no one could work. I used the first sleep kernel when I installed Leopard with Kaly10.5.2. So I really don't know how to fix this. Every time, I only could log out, and click shut down, then it would restart, then while it's restarting, I press the power button to shut it down. Sleep and restart never happened on my machine. shutdown means restart. :(


Could anyone kindly enough to tell me how to solve them? I am getting old these days trying to figure out how to solve such problems. If you can help me, you save a person's life. :P


Thanks for your time reading my thread. Good Night.

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