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Using Linux to create bootable Mac EFI Drive

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All -

I'm MacosX nOOb. I do know BSD, *nix and Windoze of course.


I have a retail DVD, I have a virgin HD on a box dedicated to become my hackintosh.

I am having trouble getting Leopard to install after using a boot132 boot disk and swapping over to my retail DVD



I started looking for other ideas since a lot of threads discuss having my partitions pre built by the Leo Disk Utility prior to starting install.

I dont have access to a working Leo install.

(If I did could I stick my IDE disk in a USB case and plug it into a friends LEO Mac, and format?

If so, what part/fs scheme is recommended to use half of a 350 gig IDE?)


Could I use Ubuntu, BSD, or some other *nix to create my OSX File System and then use a *nix Live CD to copy EFI 8 onto the disk?

If I did that, wouldnt my Retail DVD just boot ??? :)


If this is correct, I would format my 350 gb IDE drive as follows

150 gig = OSX (Active)

100 gig FAT 32

100 gig Ubuntu ext3


The 100 gig in FAT32 is a shared file system for MP3s, MPGs, etc that both OS's can see.


I thought I could use *nix or something to install boot132 and EFI to the HD, and after reading this forum, I felt that I should before my install attempts get better.


BTW - I'm also trying to dl the torrents but it looks like it will be Christmas or New Years before I have the whole thing.

I bought a 10.5.4 retail DVD


Any help is welcome and deeply appreciated.




firemann816 at hotmail dot com

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