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NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2


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I just made an installer for the NVIDIA 9 Series Drivers taken from the new Macbookpro Update. Download it here:




(Latest update- Version 2 - NVIDIA 9700m GTS added 062A-10DE dev id) (For the latest updates always use this link).


My 9800 GTX now uses the correct Open GL Engine.








10.5.5 minimum requirement I would think.


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If anyone has any success with this installer and the 9600GT (G94, device id: 0x0622) Please let me know!... I am on 10.5.4 right now so I'm afraid to try it (I tried the new Kext, manually, and it basically screw my installation)... but hmmm 10.5.5 is on its way...slowly...

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My 9800 GX2 Hack is at work, so I have not had a chance to try it yet, but I will tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!


I'm crossing mine. If it works, you're going to be saving me some money and performance. I was going to trade my 9800 GX2 for a 9800 GTX :D

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What is your device id. Do you have 10.5.5? It should support G94.


My ID is 0x062810DE. My biggest worry is the fact that is a mobile GPU (laptop) so my internal display might not work so great.



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Alright, taking a quick look at that guide (thanks for the link, by the way), I see download links for some cards, but nothing for the 9800m GTS. How would I go about making a gfxutil and in.plist for my specific card? Thank you again, I'm a total newb at this so all your help is greatly appreciated :)

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Use the input file I have attached below but follow my walkthrough to edit your PCI address. Instructions are in the walkthrough.


Thank you so much! If I could give you a hug right now, I totally would.


In a purely man to man fashion, of course. Nothing {censored} here.

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I really am not sure. I think you would need the Open GL Framework from 10.5.5 as the very minimum. I have included an installer below:




Install this first before the kexts download as that install requires you reboot.


This may work or it could mess up your installation. Personally I would give it a go, but then I always keep a cloned backup of my installation if things go wrong!


If you try it and it works on 10.5.4, let me know and I will include the 10.5.5 Framework in the installer at the top of the page.

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If you look here, I included a copy of the plist from NVDANV50HAL:




Look in the list to see if your card is supported.


The device id for my card is 0612. As you can see in the list above 0600 will cover this.


There is also cover for cards such as:


{ 0x0420, "GeForce 8400 SE" },

{ 0x0421, "GeForce 8500 GT" },

{ 0x0422, "GeForce 8400 GS " },

{ 0x0423, "GeForce 8300 GS " },

{ 0x0424, "GeForce 8400 GS " },

{ 0x042C, "GeForce 9400 GT" },

{ 0x042F, "Quadro NVS 290" },

{ 0x0600, "GeForce 8800 GTS 512" },

{ 0x0601, "GeForce 9800 GT" },

{ 0x0602, "GeForce 8800 GT" },

{ 0x0604, "GeForce 9800 GX2" },

{ 0x0605, "GeForce 9800 GT " },

{ 0x0606, "GeForce 8800 GS" },

{ 0x0610, "GeForce 9600 GSO" },

{ 0x0611, "GeForce 8800 GT " },

{ 0x0612, "GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+" },

{ 0x0613, "GeForce 9800 GTX+" },

{ 0x0614, "GeForce 9800 GT " },

{ 0x061A, "Quadro FX 3700" },

{ 0x0622, "GeForce 9600 GT" },

{ 0x0623, "GeForce 9600 GS" },

{ 0x0640, "GeForce 9500 GT" },

{ 0x0641, "GeForce 9400 GT " },

{ 0x0643, "GeForce 9500 GT " },

{ 0x0644, "GeForce 9500 GS" },

{ 0x0645, "GeForce 9500 GS " },

{ 0x06E0, "GeForce 9300 GE" },

{ 0x06E1, "GeForce 9300 GS" },

{ 0x06E2, "GeForce 8400" },

{ 0x06E3, "GeForce 8400 SE " },

{ 0x06E4, "GeForce 8400 GS


If you find it does not work, directly overwrite the device id that is nearest to yours. You will have to copy NVDANV50HAL to your desktop. Open it up, edit the Info.plist with text edit then use permissions repair script to fix your kext permissions.


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