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Need help installing Leopard - Partition scheme not recognized...


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I'm using iAtkos 10.5.4 and Kalyway 10.5.2 and both seem to be having trouble recognizing my hard drives and partitions. My first hiccup was the infamous "Still waiting for root device" which was solved by setting my SATA controllers to operate in Legacy IDE mode. Now my hard drives are both recognized as 128 GB with no installable partitions. I have one 250 HDD with an NTFS partition and the other 250 HDD has a 202 GB NTFS partition for storing large files and a newly created FAT32 partition with 30GB. I would have thought Disk Utility would have seen the FAT32 partition and been able to format it, but that doesn't seem to be the case, and whenever I try to create a partition it wants to partition the whole hard drive as it recognizes it (128GB). I don't want to do that, obviously, because it will mess with my NTFS partition and potentially corrupt my files.


Any ideas? Thanks.

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