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Which GIGABYE, and GPU

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so, here i am, hi everybody.

i guess (/know) there have been many threads like this befor, so my sorry if this is "noob"-talk, but i didnt find so many answer straight and to be honest i yet have to understand some thing :) i once made a hackintosh, but that was still a tiger and i didnt get all to work.


so, now i want to replace my old and slow powermac G5 with something more hot :D


i was planing on getting a quadcore and 8gb of ram, a few 500GB drives, and one SSD 32gb (for system).

these components are not the problem, however i'm stuck with the mainboard and the graphiccard.



i was looking at the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 as mainboard.

will this one work, or yet better, what parts of the mainboard WONT work?


what i need is working WiFi, a good graphic card (for 2*24" but not crysis-good :( ) for two DVI, and optical audio out.



can anybody maybe search here for a graphic card? pricemaximum is 400CHF (swissfrancs)



anyway, the mainboard is more important to begin with, so is the DS4 a good choice or would another board be better?

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Sounds like you know a lot of what you want. If you can find an EP35-DS4 there is a ton of support for it out there. Another good option is the P45 series, there is now finally some great support for the P45 boards. That might be a better alternative to tracking down an out of date P35 board.

As for graphics card, 9800GTX+ is really as good as it gets at the moment. In the hardware section there is a lot of talk about the 9800GX2, it seems to be working with specific X48 boards, and NVIDIA chipset boards. Personally I am waiting to see how that pans out. For now I think the 9800GTX/9800GTX+ is a safe bet.

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