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EHCISleepEnabler.kext causing Kernel Panic?


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Today I installed an kext (EHCISleepEnabler) from Superhai into my Hackintosh (Using OSX86Tools), after editing the file as instructed in the readme,


Readme for EHCISleepEnabler


To enable it you have to edit the Info.plist in


You need to add these lines








<string>3.1.5</string> <<<Mine is 3.0.3 if I can remember...


The 'Grey Slide of Death' appears and I restart, after that subsiquent boot ups will end with an kernel panic.

Even worse, my iAtkos disk does not seem to be able to read my hard drive anymore.


Is there any command to prevent it from loading a specific file, or reset the file?

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Upon bootup mash F8 repeatedly to get to the Darwin boot prompt.


type -f -x -v and press return. If it halts, take a photo what's displayed and post it here.


If it boots, manually delete EHCISleepenabler.kext from the extensions folder, open OSX86Tools, select "touch extensions folder" and "clear extensions cache", then afterwards restore the replaced USB kext from the kextbackup folder and reboot normally.


Then install Slice's USB328 kexts and IOPCIFamily from here:


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