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OK, I've read a bit about this, and while there are a dizzying number of possibilities, a few ideas are forming - like using a Gigabyte Mobo, for example. Still, I thought perhaps a specific, targeted question might get me pointed in the right direction a bit sooner.


I have an older dual G5 (not liquid cooled.) It's been a great machine for years, but recently, one of the CPUs died. It's running quite happily, but on half a brain. I've been thinking about my options. Repair would be silly, and a new MacPro would be damned expensive.


What would prevent me from leveraging the shell of my G5? Could I slam a generic board in there and proceed to Hackintosh bliss? What bits could I assemble inside my old chassis, resulting in a machine as indistinguishable as possible from the real thing?

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