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Error loading operating system

jin katama

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Hello friends


I am trying to install mac os x 10 leopard with win sp 2


first i had divided a primary partions into 2 one for mac one fro win sp 2


i installed win sp2 in partion 1(fat 32)


and mac in partion 2(jou..)


after mac installation it says Error loading operating system


tell me what is the problem or tell how to make dual boot(win +mac leopard)


used things


mac os x leopard IAKTOS v4i for partion 2 formatted as jou..


win sp 2...


please help to get dual boot

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i don't want dual boot tell me how to install the mas os x only


i am having the iAKTOS V4.i


and, also i tried the Mac OS 10.5 installation without dual boot after install my screen displays


the blank screen and display nothing is there any thing to change in the bios or tell me what to do

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If you are in Windows use diskpart

diskpart>select disk <disk no>

diskpart>select partition <partition no> where leopard is installed.



If above don't work then try this:


Boot with Leopard install disk and at boot prompt use -s option then use following commands:

fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

flag <partition no>






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