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Nokia 3110 classics Edge modem not working with Leopad

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hello i m from bangladesh,


i use my nokia 3110c as my internet connection.i use it with xp via bluetooth,usb cable. n with fedora via usb cable. about 8 days ago i install kalyway leopard 10.5.2 .i resolve nvidia graphics n usb drive hot-plug problem through various forums. but i can not connect internet through my nokia modem. i now frustrated to find a solution. plz help me with it.


Bluetooth problem: i try to connect internet via (broadcom 2045 BT 2.0) + Nokia 3110c.but it some time connect and no response in sent and receive meter. after 3 or 4 min later connection disconnect. In console it says "modem not responding" like that.


usb problem : when i try to connect via Usb cable it seems worse,it not work a little bit. when i check console in the log i found a error that says "AppleUSBCDC failed to load" some thing like this.


please help me any one.


APN = gpinternet

User = blank

Password = Blank

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