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Dual boot configuration help

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This is my current set up on my DELL Inspiron 530. I got Windows Vista installed on C drive. And I got Mac installed on a separate disk drive on D using Kalyway.


Now when I boot the computer, if I don't do anything, it will go straight to Vista. If I want Mac, I need to use Boot Menu (F12) and select the second hard disk.


What I would like to do is to add boot option for Mac so I don't have to reply on system boot menu all the time. Also, I'd prefer to make Mac the default option if I don't select one.


How do I do this? Do I configure this in my Vista environment?


Any help is appreciated! Mac rocks, it's just amazing :-)



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Sorry, I know nothing about Vista. Is there any preferences in the BIOS to select which drive boots frist?


My choice is grub. I am running Ubuntu, and had it load up to 4 different operating systems at one point. I think there's grub for dos that might do the trick. Not sure.



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