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Building a hackintosh

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I've browsed thru internet about building a hackintosh. I've came across lifehackers set-up http://lifehacker.com/software/hack-attack...-800-321913.php but its an year old guide.


So i ask you for an up to date config with very good support and compatibility with OSx86 using compoments least likely to crash and have previous records of being a good choice/value.


My budget is somewhat around $800. Set up would be used for daily activities (mainly internet) and video editing in Final Cut.


Much appreciated,




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Hi there,


On YouTube, thebackpackr has posted two vid's on making a Hackintosh.

His hackspecs are:

- Asus P5K Pro (wich is well supported, uses the P35 chipset)

- MSI NX8550GT with 256MB (most cards from the 8xxx line will work because of the NVinject and NVkush kexts wich are most of the time built in the well-known distro's. I prefer 8800GT because of the G92 chipset)

- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 running at 2,4 Ghz

- 2x 2GB Kingston RAM at 800Mhz

- A Pioneer DVR-2168K SATA DVD-Rom

- iCute ATX case. (It's really cheap, really. Any kind of ATX will do the job, as long when you have a powerfull enough power supply. I blew mine up lately when using a 8800GT with a 350w supply).


I am goin to make a kind of wishlist on Newegg. Although I am from Holland :).

UPDATE: Subtotal: $502.93 on Newegg.com (list isn't public yet, don't know why)


Hope this will help you.

Kind regards


(Ow, btw, you're in the wrong subforum. Next time you could better place it in Buying Thougts & Recommendation.)

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Heh, sorry about that.

However i do not intend to x-post as i do not know whats mods policy on x posting but if someone feels like moving this thread feel free to do so and sorry for the inconvenience i might have caused.


Thanks for guidance DotHack, got a closer look at thebackpackr vids and got an idea of what to get. I also browsed thru this forum a bit and alot of people have their configs in signatures so i just googled their components etc.


Yea, i am pretty sure about CPU, i think it is going to be 6600. The setup you've recommended seems to be A ok and is well within my price range.

From my vendors i could not get a track of 8550GT (is it newer than 8800GT) card but 8800GT GDDR3 512MB seems to be popular and good choice as it does not cause any problems.


I am not sure about the MoBo there is a bunch of P5s. Does it matter which one do i get? As far as i researched every P5 has the same chipset.

Do i have to pay attention to a specific feature/ability on the given P5 to make it work with OSx86 or is any P5 good?

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I think you could better stick with the P5K Pro. Not every P5 mobo uses the P35 chipset and the ICH9 southbridge. Concerning the graphics, you could better get an 8800GT. Better chipset, the same used in the Mac Pro 8800GT. (Mac Pro has got 3 options, HD2600XT, the 8800GT and the Quadro FX 5600.


Most mobo's with the P35 chipset will work. A lot of Gigabyte boards are known for their compatibilty with OSx86. Most of the P35 boards don't need to be flashed or modified. Sometimes, when it won't work you should put SATA to AHCI, but that's for later.


The part to worry about is the mobo. P5K Pro is good, but if you have a little bit bigger budget you could look at some of the P45 chipset boards. Be sure to check the HCL 10.5.2 for some support.


Most retailers have the P5K Pro. A wise options is to get it, because you have seen it working.


Hope it helped you a little bit further!



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