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Hey, this is my first post here. I have a MBP 2.33Ghz. My PS3 recently died and I have turned to my Mac for my gaming needs. I have bootcamp with XP but every time I use it I am remembered of why I love OS X so much.


I am really looking for help with cider here. Where can I download a version that I can run battlefields 2142? I know there is already a Mac version but it is not for sale in Japan and won't be according to Apple. I have read that the Mac version is just sandwiched with Cider so I assume that if I can get the version of cider that it has been shipped with then they should work. Am I right on that?


Also, my first love on PC is Battlefield 2. I would more than happily run out like a little school boy and buy it tomorrow if I knew that it does work or will work online in the near future. What is the current state of play on this? I have read a lot and there seems to be many different versions all with varying amounts of success. Has anyone managed to get it working yet? I read a thread here that seemed to be on the right track but it hasn't been updated recently and I didn't want to ask the BF2142 question in there.


Any help is more than welcome.

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