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Help find the Right Wireless Card


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Hello you guys. so heres my situation.


I just bought the Acer Aspire One. And i wanted to triple boot with XP, OSX, and Backtrack 3/2


But before I go ahead and follow the guides/ tutorials off the web I need some advice. Possibly a direction in choosing the right wireless card.


So right out of the box the AA1 has an atheros based wireless card. XP will work of course and Backtrack will work. BUT! OSX (10.5.5) will not work.


I did some research and found out that users from different forums have found that if you change the stock card with the Dell 1390 OSX will have wireless internet. and Im assuming XP will have it also. But I am pretty sure Backtrack will not work.


So heres my question:

1. Should i stick with the stock card from the AA1 and get a USB wireless adaptor for OSX or

2. plug in the Dell 1390 and purchase a USB wireless adaptor for Backtrack?


Also which USB wireless adaptor works with OSX and Backtrack?


EDIT: SORRY! I posted this on the wrong topic page. It should be under LAN/ Wireless. Sorry admins.


Sorry if this is a lot I been doing a lot of searching and still researching as we speak. Hope you guys can help. Thanks!~

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