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Kalaway Install Disc never boots!


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I have an AMD 64 x2 processor in my desktop PC, i've checked and it's all supported hardware,including the nforce chipset. I ran the install on a friends computer in order to check the DVD for errors and there were none. I've tried unhooking every bit of media from my PC other then a blank HD and the one DVD Drive. Just to embelish, I get to the darwin boot prompt, press enter and just sit there whileit scrolls through text, then eventually is says "read/write failed" and "waiting for root device" over and over again. I've tried using diffrent kernels and i've tried using cpus=1 and nothing works! I've pretty much given up, but if anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.


My PC specs are in my sig if you think they will be useful.

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