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need help...partition erased!


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ok so, this isn't really a leopard issue at all, or really an OSX86 issue, but I figured this would be a place where I could find some help...but for the record, sorry for being off topic.


so yesterday I finished reformatting my HD, optimized it for triple booting vista, leopard, and linux. got windows installed and setup, got leopard installed. problem happened when the time machine settings popped up, and since I wasn't really paying attention at the time, I selected the data partition on my external, rather than the old time machine partition. sooo all my backed up and some saved data was reformatted and overwritten...


I want to know if there's a way to restore that partition, or at least get some of the data off of it. One folder in particular I want to get back, has all the proper kexts, combo updates, installation instructions, and software for my old stable 10.5.5 installation. If I can't get that back, it's going to take a lot of browsing, torrenting, and time that I basically just don't want to deal with.


But anyway, if the FBI can dig up people's kiddie porn, how hard can it be to recover lost files? I looked around and it seems there are a number of ways to do this. Tried using Gparted's rescue command but no luck with that. If anyone knows how to recover a lost partition, I'd love to hear about how. Any platform, windows, mac or linux, will do, I just want this stuff back.


The drive was formatted in NTFS, and had NO operating system on it (listed as sdb1 in linux, which in OSX I think would be disk1s1). On the drive was a folder of install files for all my windows, mac, and linux programs (this is what I want), a backup of my windows configuration, and a backup of my media files. I've turned time machine off so it won't be saving anything to the drive, but the drive has been reformatted from NTFS to time machine.


Any and all help is much appreciated!

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