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MCP67 - AHCI or NforceATA?


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Hi, im on my third day of testing with this :) MCP67 chipset...

i was able to make it load, read and write my hard drive booting with a modified leo4all, with -v -x -s -f and then kextload AppleNF.. and then kextload -t

BUT copyng the same kext to HD i had no luck at all


however, on linux this chipset is managed by AHCI!!!!! not sata_nv, also windows shows "standar..."

my question is, why cant AppleAHCI be used???


even in the same nforceATA driver sources from medevil i see:



	bool is_ahci = (hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S1 ||
				hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S2 ||
				hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S3 ||
				hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S3);

if (info->deviceID == 0)
	ERROR_LOG("%s: Error: your chipset [0x%08x]%s\n", getName(), hwDeviceID, 
		is_ahci ? " is ahci compliant. This driver can't be used." : 
				  " isn't supported by this kext.");
	return false;



however 67 seems to be AHCI too, and no claimed by any driver....

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i just found this: http://www.nabble.com/Nvidia-MCP67-SATA-co...td17988029.html


the Nvidia MCP67 SATA controller does not work using the viaide driver

(in native pci compatibility mode), as various users have reported.


Attached is a diff that forces it into AHCI mode and thus attaches

ahcisata. The method to switch to AHCI mode was taken from the

FreeBSD source tree.

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this is also interesting, however is not on the current freebsd SVN, what could be that _S2 ???

under linux my version is rev2.... :)



+ { ATA_NFORCE_MCP67_S1, 0, 0, AHCI, ATA_SA300, "nForce MCP67" },

+ { ATA_NFORCE_MCP67_S2, 0, 0, AHCI, ATA_SA300, "nForce MCP67" },



bump, btw!!!


where can i find AHCI sources....?

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