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Who runs Vista on a Macbook/Pro?

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hi folks,


we are trying to develop a driver for the alc269 realtek soundchip build in all the new netbooks (eeepc, wins, s10 etc...) and need some guy runnin vista on his mobile intel apple machine.

what we need? its simple ... an export of a registry key in windows vista:

goto start/run/regedit and serch for the key:


right click that key (which has subfolders like 000, 001 ,002 etc. and export it as .reg file or pastebin it

it should look like this from a XP version (wich is useless for us but includes all subkeys as you can see):



what we are doin:





please help us out - we cant find a guy runnin vista on his notebook in the community chats ... it would be a BIG help for us - thanx!

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