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Hi recently installed Zephyroth10.5.2 on my pc its all peachy at the moment, however i'm wondering if theres a safe way to update to 10.5.5 ie safe to use auto update? or is there an alternative.


Another quick question, with time machine do you need the wifi physical box to use or can i use another hard drive, i have 3 drives in at the moment, 1 (Vista) 2 (Leopard) 3 (Data Backup, Music etc) leopard sees them all on the desktop but not in time machine backup locations.


Hope the above makes sense.


My System Basics: -

Custom Pc

Nforce 4 M/B

Geforce 6600GT

on board sound/lan etc

AMD 64 3000+



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Time machine: you can use any hard drive you want. However, I think it's going to erase all data on it when you set it up. so watch out.. make sure you use a blank hdd or one with data that you do not need anymore.


Now about the install I never tried it, but I know that you can't simply use the auto update, that will screw your installation.


However, there are ways to update to 10.5.5, you have to first download the combo update file from apple.com, do some cmds in terminal and then run it and before you restart, do some more cmds in terminal, the instructions are very easy to find, I suggest you search for it on the forum, shouldn't be too hard.


Now, I would like to suggest something else instead. I would resize your current partition to something much smaller and then create a 2nd partition and install the v4.3 guide that there is on this page:




also, here is a thread I made like 2-3 days ago before someone suggested me that install guide, I asked a lot of question about the guide, it might help you.




I'm suggesting this guide because the retail installation runs very well and it's easy to upgrade to 10.5.5 (it does it in the guide) and after it you can use auto updates



also, what is your motherboard? the guide I just suggested might not work for you, (ya I know it's dumb to think about it after giving you the links..)

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