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leopard wont boot(after install)


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well i have a acer aspire m1610



here are some of my specs


processor:intel dual core 1.6ghz


hd:40gb ide (tried on my sata hd but kept getting still waiting for root device)

gfx:nvida 8800 gt 512 mbs



so what happends is i get it to install then it says restart so i do so then it will load then gets to the darwin boot loader it just keepts loading ill let it load but i power off the pc after like 30 mins to try and see why it wont boot into mac os x



so any help would be greatly apperciated thanks

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well iv left it loading for 5 hours and its just loading it doesnt get to any apple logos just gets to the darwin boot loader remeber this is after i installed mac os x



iv used like 7 different iso's only 2 would finish installing kalyway and leo for all


EDit lol after 5 hours it restarted itself :) helppp

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