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AMD Patcher 0.2 beta by Zephyroth


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AMD Patcher 0.2 finished

You will be able to drop single or multiples pkg, mpkg and app or a folder containing them. At the moment it's not available for download because there are still some things that must be done like modify GeForce and ATI kexts, detect if EFI is installed and modify packages consequently ... etc.


for more info click here


to download click here

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RapidShare has recently changed it's download policy:

1. In the future, the download volumes included in a Premium Account is going to be reduced from 10 Gigabyte a day to 80 Gigabyte a month, at continuous exact daily pro rata billing.

2. The sum of accumulated download-traffic is going to be reduced from 50 Gigabyte to 10 Gigabyte.

3. Personal web storage space is going to continue to be set to 500 Gigabyte.

4. Existing Accounts are not affected, aside that due to the change of 10 Gigabyte maximum accumulated traffic, no download volume can be transferred from one day to another.

5. For all existing Premium Accounts the old conditions are in place (10 Gigabyte download per day), however, you can already make use and profit of the new TrafficShare model.

6. A further change is going to effect a small number of users that neither upload their files through a Premium- or Collector's Account. Files that are stored completely anonymous can now only be downloaded 10 times. Thereafter an error message will appear.

7. With immediate effect the FileMigrator has been made available, enabling you to move any files between Accounts, namely with the following combinations: From Collector's to Collector's, from Collector's to Premium, from Premium to Collector's, from Premium to Premium. LinkLists can be transferred from Premium- to Premium Account. More information is available in the Collector's-Zone, and respectively in the Premium Zone.


So I assume that the file has reached it's 10x downloads (I assume it was uploaded anonymously) and is now being blocked. Really ugly move by those greedy bastards at RapidShare, BTW. I'm sure as hell never using it again! :)


- hecker



yep the links work, but er RapidShare does not. Can someone upload the file to megaupload or something like that? Otherwise I have to go to a shopping center (earliest will be next weekend) and download the file.
At least you don't need to waste your time going to the mall anymore.
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