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Asian / Japanese language input problem


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Dear all,


I have installed the MSIWindosx86 version of MacOS and also upgraded to 10.5.5, everything is working great. There is only one problem.


I need the Japanese input (koteori), but this is not working. For those not familiar with Asian language input: You choose Japanese (koteori) from System Preferences / International / Input Menu and switch the input from the MenuBar to it.

Then, normally, you type in the character you want in roman letters and the system translates it automatically into a japanese character.


With MSIWindosx86, MacOS hangs for about 10sec before it can display the Japanese character, showing the spinning beachball. So typing in Japanese is really impossible.



I read something in another forum here:


They say :


kotoeri kana-kanji conversions are not working due to a missing set of kotoeri dictionary files in the path:




If you look at a functioning 10.5.2 system on a Mac with Japanese installed, there is 68.7 MB (71,804,158 bytes of files for 24 items mainly kotoeri dictionaries) in this folder. Copy them across to your hackintosh in the above path, repair permissions and reboot and kotoeri kana-kanji conversions will work.



Unfortunately, I do not have access to a "clean MacOS" where I could take the files from.....

Anyone had similar experience? Help would be really appreciated.....

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Ok I was able to fix the problem.


It was indeed because of missing dictionary files in the above mentioned folder.

You need to copy them from a clean installation of MacOS X.


The folder is:




After this, go to terminal, change into the directory fix the permissions with:


sudo chown -R root:wheel *


I hope this helps everybody who has the same problem in future.

Thanks also to Shadow_2k for his kind help on this topic.


Bests from Tokyo (:thumbsup_anim:)b

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