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Random crashing, help?

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I am experiencing random crashes. I am not sure that it's hardware related. Tried Nvidia and ATI cards and Intel and Nforce boards. No other PCI cards. No overclocking. Stable under Ubuntu and XP.


What happens is about half the screen turns dark when OS X crashes and it freezes. No message to restart your computer or anything.


Here are the specs:


- IDeneb 10.5.5 (happened with older/other distributions as well)

- 250 GB IDE HD

- Q6600 CPU

- P5K SE/EPU mobo

- OCZ RAM running at stock speeds

- 500 Watt PS


Any insight on this issue would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi snackole,


Thanks for the tip. Will try it out when I have some spare cash. Is this speaking from experience?


I can verify this. IDE let the system crash. (message to restart)

Unplugged it was working. It seems like it had problems by

transfering data from/to IDE (and in my case Marvell SATA).

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